Best wishes!

Christmas 2015 – New Year 2016

Dear friends,
my family has old maritime traditions. This year my father, last “sea captain” of his ancestry, set sail toward the infinite. He taught me “set your course toward far horizons and firmly keep the helmstock in that direction” and he taught me generosity; also his last words were: “Is there something I can do for you?”.
Today humanity is not navigating in calm waters, indeed it seems it has lost the compass. The mantra of economic growth, continuously pushes a dazed humanity indiscriminate consumption, independently from the real needs of individuals and communities. Humanity is slave of globalised economic interests and suffers the consequences of that “development” model: increasing inequalities in the distribution of resources, armed conflicts and social tensions, environmental degradation, dramatic climatic changes.
Interchanging ideas with my younger friends I share with them the need to have the chance to dream and design a different future. This is why I wish us all, not to resign to a world that is not as we wish it. Surely there is something that we may do for others, for humanity and the part of it which lives in every individual, for the Planet which belongs to all, and to which we all belong. Let’s imagine a different future and we will also be able to draw the course toward that horizon. Let’s firmly keep the ethical helmstock of our values and surely we’ll navigate in the right direction. Best wishes! Fair wind (and calm seas) in 2016!


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