7th of July 1965 – My Scout Promise

2Scouting was very important for me. Since the 7th of July 1965, the day of my Scout Promise, I continue to do my best to build a better world.  In this picture, 10 years later, in the mountains of the alpine Seriana valley as a troop leader I received other three young boys in the world scout family. The Scout commitment is forever. Unfortunately for too many boys and girls it remains a transitory engagement. Some of those, once adults forget that commitment and only obey to their private interests or look for personal advantage. Becoming a  Scout is a daily work, which starts on the day of the Promise, but is for life.  To be a Scout it is not enough to be a member of an organization which defines itself scout; nor it is enough having “taken” the Promise. To be a Scout is living up to that Promise. Let me thank those ho showed me the Road. Thanks to those who walked on my side along that Road for some time.  Bonne Route to all Scouts (with a capital “S”).

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